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My role - Lead designer for
strategy, brand & execution
Rebrand a small family company to a national source of natural medicine

Brand values
Nature, tradition, Holistic approach to being, nostalgic

July, 2021

A long time ago, medicine was searched and found in nature only. For centuries, Bulgarians kept the knowledge of herb medicine alive and passed it to every new generation. Nowadays things are different. With the advanced world of modern medicine, the healing powers of nature are forgotten. It was about time to bring this century-old wisdom to modern Bulgaria. In a way that fits today’s customers.
The logo & it's possible separate usage for more contextThe logo & it's possible separate usage for more context
The logo & it's possible separate usage for more context
Alin is a family company specialized in herbs & tea medicine. They sell high-quality dried Bulgarian herbs to keep the tradition of natural medicine alive. But they had a problem – their current identity did not fit the market. Not enough online presence. Inconsistent brand experience. Low conversions.

I got the amazing opportunity to help out. Because of time and budget limitations we choose a high-paced design sprint. In a week's time, I was able to deliver a full brand guide with the brand core, full identity, and the most important brand interactions - the packaging. Next to the brand guide I also came up with a brand awareness campaign, shown at the end.

A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
The mystic plants with their healing power became the hero of the story, of course. The focus shifted from selling and promoting herbs to educating people about the wonderful & mysterious powers of the plants. The tone of voice is set as if the plants are telling you a fairy tale.

Currently, they are four different collections the brand offers - medical teas with a lot of herbs mixed for specific problems, teas in bags, individual herbs & dried flowers, and EU-certified bio herbs, fully produced in-house.
The designed concepts for the new packages.
To introduce the new brand to the world, as well as the mission to educate and help people be healthy with the power of natural plants, I came up with the idea to use the copy construct of Zdravey (Здравей). Zdravey means primarily Hello, but secondary it can also mean to heal. Which fitted this campaign perfectly. With the construct of ‘Hello’ a positive, desired effect always follows (eg. healthy guts, good sleep, relax, etc.).

So the idea of the campaign is an introduction to the world as well as introducing the world to better health. Hello, good night sleep for example is set to promote herbs that can help you sleep better, like mint for instance.
The first visuals for the awareness campaign. Usually followed with bits of herbs wisdom. The campaign is focused on promoting the benefits of the herbs, not the product itself
More about this project, coming soon....


Brand strategy & positioning - The Young
Campaign execution - DotControl & RockBoost
Lead visual & motion designer - Me
Introduce ParkBee to every big city in The Netherlands in their brand new identity

October, 2020
A small set of the banners used on the social platforms
Very contextual car hangers based on the city.
An ad you might encounter on a tank station somewhere on your way
As a visual designer at DotControl, I got to work on a short but high paced offline and online branding awareness campaign. My role was to translate the freshly rebranded smart parking-spaces agency ParkBee from a brand-guide with defined colors and typography to a tangible brand with soft personality and a strong distinguishable character. Driven by emotion and one clear mission – give space back to the city.
Some of the print ads without photography
And a whole set of Google ads

DotControl &

Art Direction  - DotControl
Lead visual designer
branding & execution - Me
Rebrand two visually very distant looking agencies into one family.

New brand values
Funky, Driven, Powerful & Mischievous

September, 2020
Visuals created for the DotControl's & RockBoosts Playbook.
Rebranding means a fresh start. A fresh breath, time for reflection & strategic moves. While working at Dotcontrol I was the main responsible for the visual style and the story of the two brands, now visually united into one family. Some things needed more funk, others more visual power,  third were very unclear in the first place. One of the most asked questions? "What color pink are we actually using?" It's different every time one spots it. So more clarity on the new brand guidelines? Check! At the end, rebranding starts from within. If my colleagues can't embrace and carry the new story, is it even worth it? How do you explain the new branding in 5 minutes to anyone of your 70 colleagues, not matter how design savvy they are?

Think balls, act brains...

What? Well.. the thinkers and the doers in a healthy mix. Meet the two new typefaces – Galano Grotesque a.k.a the Balls. Very geometric, all sharp but round, soft but bold. The doer. The balls. The perfect match with the two new logos. Paired with Newzald, the witty sheriff in charge of authority and explaining more in depth. Okay... but how about the issue with the colors mentioned before? Those were narrowed down to matte black, white & the now legendary #FF2345. This shade of pink doesn't even need a name. It's the (inter)action color, counting up to remind you it's time for action.
The first three case studies in the new identity. The work delivered colors the scene, and brings freshness in the one-colored brand pallet of the brand
Another set of two visuals for the playbook. Left: The process, right: The teamwork needed for success
And of course - GIFs! I mean, who doesn't love those flimsy little moving thingies
Some social media visuals for the conference. Those are for the live poll on what talk to livestream.
RockDotCon was the first ever external conference organised by the two companies. Around 50 people who came to see and hear talks about growth hacking, design and development. Since I was the only designer involved in the rebranding project of the two companies, I got the chance to design the branding for the conference as well.
The main hero of the conference. Aristotle 24 centuries later.

Campaign pitch illustrations

Illustrations concept & execution - Me
Visualise the ‘happiness chemicals’ as memorable characters. In one day.

August 2019

Motion & UI animation

My most recent motion reel - A collection of 2D & 3D animations and UI & prototypes.

UI & User


Art Direction & execution  - DotControl x RockBoost
My role - Lead visual, UX and motion designer
A digital campaign to boost Generation-Z's confidence

WordSmint App - After fresh breath, fresh words follow.

Get scored on flow and freshness by an AI that learned from the Dutch finest artists

January, 2021
Smint is a Dutch peppermint brand that boosts confidence. Inspired by the Dutch wordsmiths in the music scene and by the generation Z’s savvy-ness, the concept of WordSmint was born. An AI app that rates your signing and word choice real time, followed by feedback based on sentiment and an unique generated artist’s name cover. Check out the campaign commercial here.
The most important screens of the campaign app
Working on this project from pitch to campaign launch was quite a journey. On one side there was the campaign and art direction team that collaborated with the artists and producers, on the other side was design and tech pushing boundaries. UI-less UX combined with back-end magic resulted in a fun and delightful app that brings a surprise and hopefully a smile every time it’s used.
The right flow - Beat, Record, get Scored, Repeat
Some of the possible unique artworks you can score

HAVI Connect

Design & development   - DotControl
Lead mobile UX designer - Me
Deliver a better service at restaurants, and improve the logistic process of food delivery, the most mobile way.

Brand values
Innovation, Relationship, Responsibility, Collaboration

Started in 2018, on-going
Some of the designed screens of the features. During the one year that I worked on this project, more than 300 screens with more than 400 components were designed.
The stock count feature for the restaurant manager.
HAVI wanted to digitalised their fastfood logistics. On one side they needed a smart app helping the restaurants managers with their daily orders and deliveries. On the other side they needed a different approach for the truck drivers, to make the logistics easier, smarter and faster. Features like image recognition for empties, and 14 days work calendar were developed to help out with digitalising.

Shown below is how those two apps work together.
The image recognition feature for the empties.
The promo video for the apps that was created by me in collaboration with a motion designer and a visual designer during my work at DotControl.