Brands I’ve had the absolute pleasure to help solve problems
Design agencies I have worked with, to create awesome things

tell stories

Brands are consistent stories living in people's minds. And like people, they are on their own journey to explore possibilities, create something new or help society out. But a brand needs an audience in order to exist. An audience that can understand it, embrace it and give its own meaning to it.

fix what's broken

We live in two different worlds at the same time. As the competition between the digital and the real world growths, our society constantly faces new, unimagined issues. Something is either very backward or broken. I use digital as a medium to solve real-world problems.

try to help people

I don't design for 'users' and I don't create for 'consumers'. It's people I'm interested in. Real people, with real emotions, struggles, and aspirations. Adding value where needed, being kind to the planet, and creating a better future.

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