A dreamland created for your ultimate best & rest


My role - Rebrand the whole company, create a concept for a brand awareness campaign, and reskin the website to fit the identity.

Project duration
6 days

October, 2021
Rebrand a start-up with big, green ambitions to fit their product to the right audience.

A helping hand, positivity & connection, close to nature

Some companies offer unique products. Products created with a lot of love for nature. Products driven by innovation and eagerness to help people. Products one can only dream of owning.

Knus is such a company.

The logo & it's possible separate usage for more context
The brand essence - Getting people in their own realm of bliss with better sleep, because of sheep
Knus wants people to learn to relax more often. To sleep better. To pause more often. To unwind. Rewind. Re-energise. That’s why they created a scientific, weighted blanket. Made with merino wool from happy sheep and with Italian craftmanship. All in Europe. All sustainable and with great care for the people and the planet. Everything about their blankets radiates a timeless, natural, high-quality artisanal design. 

But they had a problem. Their relatively new brand and website did not fit the quality of their products, and the ambition of the company.

So a short, but very fun and fruitful collaboration between Knus and me was formed.
A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
After a few talks and workshops, the brand core with its story, mission & vision, and brand values was formed. From there on, in about 3 days a whole new brand identity was created.

An identity inspired by something truly timeless - our circadian rhythm. The 24 hours we all have, that keep resetting every single day.
The circadian rhythm as inspiration for not only the essence but also on a product and detail level
Next to an identity inspired by the day, we decided that a bit more mysticism and the wonderful weirdness of dreams and their meaning can also contribute to a truly unique brand experience.

So mystic animals, not often spotted in Western cities, that hold great symbols became our second inspiration for the identity. Because sustainability is not only caring for the trees – is caring for all life. We took inspiration by the amazing creatures that nature has gifted us.
Part of the visuals at the core of Knus identity. Mystical creature, symbolism, and spirit animals
From Eastern symbolism to shamanism and spirit animals, to biblical creatures holding important meaning. Nature became the main hero of Knus’ brand story. Because their weighted blankets are not only scientifically proven to improve rest, but also made in a way that doesn’t only contribute positively but also has a carbon negative effect. Cleaning the air instead of polluting it.
Parts of the newly designed home page.
After the brand identity, came the brand interactions. The webshop being one of the most important one of course. To be as efficient as possible and put the new brand in action very soon, I re-skin their current website with the new visual identity. 

The UI and UX didn’t change much, but the look & feel and the tone of voice got a major update.
Parts of the new detail page of the blanket
Last step in this healthy high-paced re-branding design sprint was a brand awareness campaign. The focus of the awareness layer is to introduce the brand by tapping into already existing rituals people might have. Day-dreaming, yoga, meditation, lucid dreaming, love for nature, etc. This way, a relative unfamiliar product, a weighted blanket that helps with better sleep, could enter your life through something already familiar to you.

Weighted blankets offer a deep touch pressure technology for bad sleepers but they offer way more than that. The merino wool regulates and keeps your body temperature. The Italian design brings elegans to your home. The sustainable, carbon-negative production keeps this planet healthy and happy.
The first layer of the brand awareness campaign

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