A century-old tradition brought back to life


My role - Lead designer for strategy, brand & execution

Project duration
7 days

July, 2021

Rebrand a small family company to a national source of natural medicine

Brand values
Nature, tradition, Holistic approach to being, nostalgic

A long time ago, medicine was searched and found in nature only. For centuries, Bulgarians kept the knowledge of herb medicine alive and passed it to every new generation. Nowadays things are different. With the advanced world of modern medicine, the healing powers of nature are forgotten. It was about time to bring this century-old wisdom to modern Bulgaria. In a way that fits today’s customers.
The logo & it's possible separate usage for more contextThe logo & it's possible separate usage for more contextThe logo & it's possible separate usage for more context
The logo & it's possible separate usage for more context
Alin is a family company specialized in herbs & tea medicine. They sell high-quality dried Bulgarian herbs to keep the tradition of natural medicine alive. But they had a problem – their current identity did not fit the market. Not enough online presence. Inconsistent brand experience. Low conversions.

I got the amazing opportunity to help out. Because of time and budget limitations we choose a high-paced design sprint. In a week's time, I was able to deliver a full brand guide with the brand core, full identity, and the most important brand interactions - the packaging. Next to the brand guide I also came up with a brand awareness campaign, shown at the end.

A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
The mystic plants with their healing power became the hero of the story, of course. The focus shifted from selling and promoting herbs to educating people about the wonderful & mysterious powers of the plants. The tone of voice is set as if the plants are telling you a fairy tale.

Currently, they are four different collections the brand offers - medical teas with a lot of herbs mixed for specific problems, teas in bags, individual herbs & dried flowers, and EU-certified bio herbs, fully produced in-house.
Boxes of blue medical tea
The designed concepts for the new packages.
To introduce the new brand to the world, as well as the mission to educate and help people be healthy with the power of natural plants, I came up with the idea to use the copy construct of Zdravey (Здравей). Zdravey means primarily Hello, but secondary it can also mean to heal. Which fitted this campaign perfectly. With the construct of ‘Hello’ a positive, desired effect always follows (eg. healthy guts, good sleep, relax, etc.).

So the idea of the campaign is an introduction to the world as well as introducing the world to better health. Hello, good night sleep for example is set to promote herbs that can help you sleep better, like mint for instance.
The first visuals for the awareness campaign. Usually followed with bits of herbs wisdom. The campaign is focused on promoting the benefits of the herbs, not the product itself

Siyana's immense motivation to help us and her fun and outgoing nature made the whole rebranding not only a big success, but a fun adventure, we would love to do over and over again together!

Inna Stankova, Head of Marketing at Alin

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