An AI recording studio
that boosts confidence


Art Direction & execution  - DotControl x RockBoost
My role - Lead visual, UX and motion designer

January, 2021
A digital campaign to boost Generation-Z's confidence

WordSmint App - After fresh breath, fresh words follow.

Get scored on flow and freshness by an AI that learned from the Dutch finest artists
Smint is a Dutch peppermint brand that boosts confidence. Inspired by the Dutch wordsmiths in the music scene and by the generation Z’s savvy-ness, the concept of WordSmint was born. An AI app that rates your signing and word choice real time, followed by feedback based on sentiment and an unique generated artist’s name cover. Check out the campaign commercial here.
The most important screens of the campaign app
Working on this project from pitch to campaign launch was quite a journey. On one side there was the campaign and art direction team that collaborated with the artists and producers, on the other side was design and tech pushing boundaries. UI-less UX combined with back-end magic resulted in a fun and delightful app that brings a surprise and hopefully a smile every time it’s used.
The right flow - Beat, Record, get Scored, Repeat
Some of the possible unique artworks you can score

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