A brand with a soul,
for the future of all

the RGHT one

Personal project

Create a brand with a personality and soul, that is set to snowball a change in how people think about clothing.

2021 - ongoing

Awareness & Balance, Craft & Collaboration, Fairness & Diversity, Openness & Optimism

Clothes... the symbol of identity, expression, and status.

But behind the glamour, hype, and trends, the clothing industry is filled with filth, destruction, and misery. But it doesn't need to.
The logo & it's possible separate usage for more context
Introducing the RGHT one - The label that took 'I' out of right.
More than a year ago, I started getting very interested in the clothes in my wardrobe. What are they made of? Where did they came from? Who made them? Where did they go when I discard of them?The more I started to discover abut the clothing industry, the more scared and shocked I got. Eventually, I managed to turn these feelings into inspiration and aspiration to put the best of my designer skills, and contribute to the solution, instead of the problem for once. That’s how this project was born.
A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
Visuals out of the RGHT one's brandguide.
I committed to the ultimate challenge – create a brand that challenges all these dogmas with a truly purposeful existence. One, that challenges every aspect of itself.

On the brand core level - Why are fashion brands only producing marketing and advertisements, with fully outsourced production? Why is quantity more important than quality? How come the general public knows almost nothing about the clothing they wear as part of their identity?

On the brand identity level - In an ever-changing society, why should the logo be static? In the pursuit of a brighter, colorful future, why should a brand commit to one or two colors only?

On the brand interaction level - Is it possible to create a brand with no budget? How can I map out an ambitious strategy, that starts with a huge awareness step towards a better future?

Thousands of questions that turned into hundreds of hours working on all aspects of the brand - the strategy, the core, the identity, the products, the channels and more. At this stage, all by myself.
I wanted to challenge myself not only with this very ambitious idea, but with the execution part as well. I knew I wanted an unusual logo. A colorful one. A moving one. An ever-changing one. One, but one that is never the same.

So I created the logo in two parts - static, geographical and mathematical correct ‘one’. And a second part - the dynamic one. Inspired by the non-duality and the idea that all life comes from one source of energy, but in a lot of different shapes. That idea got translated into a human-crafted, imperfect, always changing 'ONE'.
The dynamic logo - never the same yet always recognisable
Same with the typeface. There are so many things that can be said in so many ways, why settle for only one or two typefaces?
The nine colors of the brand, together with the 3 typefaces and the dynamic, ever-changing logo delivered the identity I was truly aiming for -  a dynamic brand that has a million ways to express itself, but always stays true and recognisable.
Posters that show the full brand identity in practice
The first step out of this long journey was awareness and knowledge. Introducing the public to the facts behind the clothing they are wearing. But also about the fabrics that hold the future - the natural, vegan, biological fibers and leathers being made from fruits and plants.

The branding of The RGHT One is way bigger than the products it is set to produce and sell. It's really about conscious consumerism. And to consume more conscious, we need to know why? Why is having too much clothing an issue? Why are we digging our own graves with fast and ultra-fast fashion? And to answer those why's, I created a knowledge platform way before starting with producing the actual physical products.
More around this project coming soon. I’m working on it as we speak.

For now, join the movement of conscious consuming and awareness around the clothing industry by following The RGHT One on LinkedIn or Instagram. Or read more about my journey to start this initiative on .

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