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HAVI Connect

Design & development   - DotControl
Lead mobile UX designer - Me

From May 2018 - June 2019
Deliver a better service at restaurants, and improve the logistic process of food delivery, the most mobile way.

Brand values
Innovation, Relationship, Responsibility, Collaboration

Some of the designed screens of the features. During the one year that I worked on this project, more than 300 screens with more than 400 components were designed.
Consistency was very important. HAVI has more than 2 mobile apps and 3 web apps, and they all use the same components. So I was responsible for making sure that everything in the 2 mobile apps is not only as consistent as possible, but also as accessible and well-designed for all possible phones and their screens.
HAVI wanted to digitalised their fastfood logistics. On one side they needed a smart app helping the restaurants managers with their daily orders and deliveries. On the other side they needed a different approach for the truck drivers, to make the logistics easier, smarter and faster. Features like image recognition for empties, and 14 days work calendar were developed to help out with digitalising.

Shown below is how those two apps work together.
The stock count feature for the restaurant manager.
The image recognition feature for the empties.
The promo video for the apps that was created by me in collaboration with a motion designer and a visual designer during my work at DotControl.

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