For humans, by humans


My role - Lead designer for brand and digital and art-director.


Refresh the way people look at, and thing about pensions

Humaness - guts, heart and soul

Aah pensions... Complicated. Confusing. For old folks. Never top of mind. And yet, all of us are relaying on them to have a peace of mind when we stop working. So, what if we retire all these stigmas and develop a new way of looking at pensions?

The logo & it's possible separate usage for more context
Posters for T-rtle, a fintech focused on humans.
In the beginning of 2021, Turtle came to me with quite a challenge. As a start-up they wanted to enable people to take charge of their pension when it really counts - now. Which means a whole shift in the psychology behind how people think. About now and about the future.

In the course of a few months, I helped them out with a brand-new identity and the art direction of it’s products. Here are the results.
A part of the brand guide that was delivered at the end of the design sprint
T-rtle's logo and logo animation

Out-of-the-shell visual language

The logo and the visual system are inspired by the name. I took a turtle’s shell as a starting point and created a dynamic visual language that is never boring or dull. Always playful and colorful.
A visual language inspired by turtles shells

Speak like humans do

In the jargon-filled jungle of the financial world, speaking like a human seemed unspeakable. So the tone-of-voice of Turtle was set to be functional, constructive and positive, with short sentences, plain words and enjoyable undertone.
Slides out of the tone of voice part of the brand guide

A system that works

To make sure everyone can properly use the new brand, even less experienced designers, I systemised all digital elements.
Slides out of the design system part of the brand guide

An app that really knows what’s up

For the proof of concept I created the most important features for the app. On one side there was the knowledge domain, with all necessary information around pensions delivered in bite-size format. On the other side there was the motivational, humanised portfolio, that helped people with keeping track of their desired goal.
The first prototype screens of the app for testing purposes

The FinTech that spins around people, not fin nor tech

The result of this journey? A truly human brand for a company with a big mission. The brand embodies an optimistic feel, combined with a tone you wouldn’t expect from a financial service company.

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